Bio Back

Bio Back

BIOBACK is a reimbursable medical device employing a unique design for the immediate relief of lumbar back pain. Patients respond very favorably to the BIOBACK, enjoying a return to active lifestyles and pursuits as well as proactively avoiding injury.


Oxygen Plus in Stanville is proud to now offer Bio Back to customers in the Big Sandy region of Eastern Kentucky. Supporting clients in Pike, Floyd,  Johnson, Knott and Breathitt counties, Pikeville and Prestonsburg.


BIOBACK combines two forces to create a comfortable corrective support that encourages a biomechanical response by the muscles of the lower back. The result is proper postural alignment leading to reduced muscle tension, decreased lower back pain, and improved mobility. Significantly, BIOBACK also offers pain relief that is non-narcotic and drug-free.


Bio Back uses opposing lumbar and abdominal compression to treat lower back pain.

Bio Back uses opposing lumbar and abdominal compression to treat lower back pain.


A clinical trial demonstrated that BIOBACK reduces strain on key muscles in the lower back by an average of 46% – far in excess of the results provided by conventional compression braces.

The BIOBACK® Lumbar Orthosis has been prescribed by tens of thousands of doctors for their patients who suffer from lower back pain.

Nothing Around Like It

Standard braces often fail to provide relief because of a significant design flaw – they apply circumferential force. By encircling the waist with compression force, standard braces dissipate supportive power around the entire abdomen, uncomfortably exerting pressure on the sides where it is not needed. Physicians know that patients frequently fail to complete therapy that is reliant on an uncomfortable brace and that can lead to further discomfort over time.

Unlike big and bulky back braces that apply force to the entire circumference of the waist, the more compact BIOBACK design concentrates focused power to the abdominal and lumbar muscles providing significantly more relief to strained back muscles.


Lumbar Orthosis



  • Reduces pressure on intervertebral discs and other pain sensitive structures
  • Promotes proper spinal mechanics
  • Immediately improves posture
  • Allows for sustained activity for longer durations

Patients are able to comfortably enjoy greater mobility and activity free from their back pain with the confidence they once had.

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Author: Oxygen Plus

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