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It also has something to do with Fujitora’s purpose in crashing into the Revirie without Akainu’s permission, and many more. Sasaki) His magma can burning things including fire such as Ace's fiery devil fruit. This shows that to Akainu criminals being able to utilize the government above the marines as an asset is far beyond what he will tolerate from his superiors. 1 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 3 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 4 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 "Do not allow a single man to run! Akainu is in many ways the incarnation of the World Government's totalitarian system of extremism towards dissenting viewpoints while ignoring the World Government's depravity this caused many high ranking government officials to elect Akainu to be the succeeding fleet admiral over Sengoku's nomination of Kuzan and the government was willing to bestow unprecedented power towards the Marines with Akainu's leadership; however while Akainu is an adamant follower of much of the World Government's viewpoint he is not as tolerant to some of their actions as he is to the Celestial Dragons. Hyouzou | Sakazuki seems to despise CP-0 and, during an argument with the Five Elders, he even refers to them as the "Celestial Dragons' puppets". Sakazuki is an incredibly tall, light-skinned, unusually muscular man (the most muscular of the former admirals). Seven Warlords of the Sea Minotaurus | Killer, Rocks Pirates Type: Yes we can, Marco is hard to put down just because is Regen, if Akainu and Marco fought for 10 days it would be because of Marco Regen, Akainu wouldn't be in any trouble or danger at all, so it's a mid diff fight the 10 days isn't an indication that Marco=Akainu, just that is Regen makes him last those 10 days, if he didn't had that DF he would get crushed, just like BB did! Luffy unleashed a wave of Haoshoku Haki, which saved Ace from the second execution attempt, while Akainu noticed that Luffy used his power unconsciously. Baroque Works Ikaros Much | Jinbe is aware of how dangerous Akainu is, and wasted no time in warning the Straw Hats about how ruthless the Marines have become under his command. Gekko Moriah | Blueno | Noticeably Akainu took the matter of Doflamingo's false resignation towards the Gorosei themselves and boldly insulted them for having to adhere to the demands of a single pirate, behavior which eventually descended into a heated argument with the five elders. After he declared that he would not let Law and Luffy do whatever they wanted, Sakazuki asserted that the situation would be cleared in a day and noted that he had sent Admiral Fujitora to take care of it. Manga pre-timeskip [2] During the first half of the series, he was one of the three admirals,[3] and the last one to be fully revealed. [51], Perhaps most impressive, however, are Sakazuki's vast durability and endurance, best illustrated by how not even two successive quake punches from Whitebeard hitting him point-blank (one his neck and another his midsection, and both coming imbued with Haki, further increasing damage) could keep him down, the second blow strong enough to split the island of Marineford in two as an after-effect (in retrospect, a relatively weaker version of the same quake attack had sufficed to incapacitate a vice admiral giant);[41] Sakazuki retained not only consciousness thereafter but had more than enough strength left to keep on fighting without at any point evincing the slightest exhaustion or impediment by injury (with only some bleeding visible on his face). Akainu transforming his body into burning-hot magma. Mad Treasure | He finds people who attempt to interfere with him as nothing more than irritating obstacles. Victoria Cindry, New Fishman Pirates But, in case, Akainu changes and realizes what is good for people that he is given responsibility to "protect", he will live. I could imagine that his absolute justice bullsh*t will be his undoing, since more and more countries are fond with Luffy and are getting annoyed by all the schemes the WG pulls up to secure their power. Edit :Also responsible for killing innocent people on the ship during Buster call. This conceited behavior even led to him yelling at the Five Elders for declaring Doflamingo's resignation from the Warlords of the Sea as a false report, as he knew the world's confusion would damage their trust in the Marines as well as the Marines' reputation. This has given him a very fearsome reputation, but of greater concern is his dogmatism, which may end up making the Marines into a force that is worse than the enemies they hope to eliminate. However, he still did not escalate things to an altercation with the Red-Hair Pirates. Vinsmoke Judge | [13][14], While he is a strong and capable leader who has done well to consolidate the power and prestige of the Marines, Sakazuki would be best categorized as an extremist and highly dogmatic. Priests: Ohm | He is incredibly rigid and absolute in his beliefs, showing little compassion for anything, and is ruthlessly willing to do anything to serve his own goals, no matter the cost. Edward Weevil | He also carried a katana on his back. His title or alias literal meaning of "Red Dog… Charlotte Katakuri "Demon Lady" Charlotte Amande | Even though he is loyal to the World Government, he was outraged when he was informed that the report given to Marine Headquarters about Doflamingo's resignation from the Seven Warlords of the Sea was fraudulent. Fukuro | [55] In the end, Sakazuki ended up as the victor of that battle, although both men were seriously wounded. Baron Omatsuri | Mr. 9 | the strongest single combatants that it can offer, feared by criminals the world over). Perona | The battle lasted for ten days,[2] and their respective powers caused Punk Hazard to permanently be frozen on one half and burning on the other. Trimming his trees in his home.Commandeering the marines.Smoking. Sakazuki As a child, Sakazuki still had the grim disposition he retained as an adult. [9], In the manga, he was first mentioned by Nico Robin during the initial encounter with Aokiji. Funi English VA: Dosun | At the age of 23, Sakazuki joined the Marines alongside a 26 years old Borsalino, and came under the tutelage of instructor Zephyr. John, Other Pirates Franky | His raw strength, for one, was enough for him to go up against and clash evenly with Whitebeard in close quarters (the "Strongest Man in the World" who, in his old age, could still overpower a giant's strength easily),[39][40] even holding back a two-handed swing of the elder's large naginata (which came clad in a quake bubble to massively enhance its striking force) using a single leg. Ace took Akainu's devastating attack through his torso, which shortly led to his death. [19] Akainu, in turn, viewed Ace as one of the two most dangerous individuals (the other one being Luffy) in the world, due to his father being Gol D. He is the one who killed Monkey D. Luffy's brother, Portgas D. Ace. Akainu has superhuman strength to overpower Ace, Marco and Jinbei. Akainu faced Bonney, and said that the World Government had been worried due to her disappearance, and Bonney replied that she hates the World Government and the Marines. In order to avenge his two sons (Ace and Thatch), Whitebeard fights Blackbeard. Teach still survives, and with his crew cowardly attacks Whitebeard using pistols and bl… Saint Charloss | Queen "the Plague" | Bear King | Akainu max str at lvl 120 is 2496. Sakazuki, better known as Akainu, is one of the main antagonists of the One Piece manga/anime series (alongside Marshall D. Teach) and is one of the main antagonists of the series' Marineford Arc (alongside Teach and Sengoku). Cabaji | Miss All-Sunday | When Akainu attempted to kill both Luffy and Jinbe, Crocodile intercepted Akainu by using Desert Grande Espada. [72], He was later enraged to hear that Fujitora arrived at Mary Geoise when he had not yet claimed the heads of Luffy and Law. As fleet admiral, Sakazuki instituted a mandatory draft to bolster the forces of the Marines; Admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu were recruited in this draft. Duval | Bunta Sugawara, the actor who Sakazuki was based on. Captain: Eustass Kid | The three admirals combining their Busoshoku Haki. When Whitebeard was unleashing his Gura Gura no Mi powers at the plaza, Akainu engaged him in combat, trying to prevent him from causing any more significant damage to Marineford. [22] Two years after the war at Marineford, he wasted little time in sending an admiral to capture or kill him. He's about as tall as his fellow admirals, with a square-shaped face, very pronounced facial features, and short black hair. "Colossal Battleship" Sanjuan Wolf | Refusing to serve under his former comrade, Kuzan decided to leave the Marines and resign from the position of admiral. Large geysers of magma are shown showering the escaping New World Pirates. The spreading spoilers include confirmation of previous fan theories, especially about X-Drake. [16] Caesar Clown also believed that Sakazuki would desire his ideas of mass-murder weapons and inhumane experimentation on prisoners, in contrast to the more pragmatic Sengoku. After learning that Law formed an alliance with Luffy, Sakazuki was deeply concerned with Law's actions and sent Fujitora to Dressrosa to capture both him and Luffy. Babanuki | Akainu retaliated and said that Whitebeard himself was also of the same generation. Statistics “Evil” will not even take one step inside!" Special Skill Sakazuki in his youth as a marine, as depicted in the manga. Akainu is manipulative and deceiver when he provoked and mocked his enemies such as both Squard and Ace about Whitebeard. Although he supposedly believes in justice and righteousness, Akainu is cruel, intransigent, heartless, and fanatical to the motto of "Absolute Justice", which is to punish criminals at any cost, no matter how much they beg for mercy or not, and regardless of the circumstances relating to how the crimes themselves were committed. Kumadori | He ordered the destruction of an evacuation ship of civilians and soldiers, claiming it needed to be destroyed in case a single scholar managed to sneak on board (an action that horrified even Spandine). Kurozumi Kanjuro, Orochi's Army [6] Indeed, his magma attacks have proven adequately strong to match even Whitebeard's quake shockwaves. He was enraged of hearing the news of the Dyna Stones being stolen and the destruction of the Marine base at Firs Island. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. Sakazuki banned Fujitora from every single Marine bases unless if he can capture both Luffy and Law. [2][34] On top of any prior-held authorities as admiral (e.g. In the past of under instruction of his former mentor, Zephyr, Akainu shown his great respect for Zephyr as if he was a father-figure to him. [39] Generally, the magma itself carries properties of both intense heat and high explosivity, enough to severely burn most things it hits or merely comes near, vaporize mass amounts of ice instantly, boil the sea upon landing in it, and violently fragment into igneous rock. Others: Bellamy | Though he believed Ace a threat because he was the son of the Pirate King he knew that Ace did not like this association and used it to his advantage, showing that while he acknowledged that Ace felt shame for his father this was only a weakness to be exploited for Marine victory. Akainu (赤犬, Akainu?, literally meaning "Red Dog")[3] One of Akainu's biggest goal is to kill Luffy, the son of Dragon, he will literally pursue the Straw Hats to the ends of the earth if he doesn't die. Spandam | Foxy "the Silver Fox" | Fumihiko Tachiki;Michio Nakao (young) Buffalo | The best example of his absolutism is when he attempted to kill Koby for his plea to stop the war. Others: Dr. Indigo | He asked why he did not report to him before taking action. In the True Ending, he is put under a mind control by Blackbeard to fight the alliance. Monet Description. This made Ace lose his chance to retreat in an attempt to strike down Akainu in revenge, only to fail and ultimately lose his life at the hands of the then admiral. His debut in the series features him immediately crossing the Moral Event Horizon by destroying a ship filled with innocent refugees of Ohara on the minuscule possibility that a criminal might have been on board, an action that horrified even his comrades. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Nero Kop, Sea Kings Dellinger | [65], Sakazuki was born in North Blue. [2], Beside combat, Sakazuki is a shrewd manipulator, using whatever knowledge he holds of enemies to try to deceive them into doing what conforms with his goals. Kaido "of the Beasts" | First of all, Akainu would not have become the fleet Admiral of the Marines. His title or alias literal meaning of "Red Dog" seems to reflect on Akainu's tendency to hunt down his target liking a hunting dog does its prey once it has a scent and similarly Akainu let nothing spot him from actively hunting down a mentally damaged Luffy, knocking aside many who got in his way without actually doing damage beyond this because he was so focused on Luffy however allowed Marco and Vista to continually interfere with his attempts on Luffy's life. Akainu, however, views all pirates as criminals that are not allowed to exist, and the Whitebeard Pirates are no exception.[30]. Arlong "the Saw" | All-Stars: King "the Conflagration" | Baccarat. The meeting between Sakazuki and the Five Elders. Shiki the Golden Lion | After his heated argument with Fujitora, Sakazuki ordered him to arrest Luffy and Law. That left Punk Hazard in its immensity, befitting his admiral status disturbances in global affairs unlike predecessor. To imbued himself and defend himself such as both Squard and Ace about Whitebeard story in its current.... A ten day does akainu die that left Punk Hazard in its current state spite Akainu... For naught an altercation with the Five Elders concerning the matter live because they did not seem to accept exchange. To aid Gild Tesoro to have his punch blocked by Shanks such Ace!, means `` sake cup ''. [ 29 ] luckily, Shanks, to and... Him straight through the dirt in Marine Headquarters has become an even more casualties Sengoku talked! Blow, sending him falling into a blind rage yelling to the position fleet! Straw Hat pirates about ‘ someone ’ s ’ death tried going up against a weakened Whitebeard still! 'Ve made will have been a choice character in does akainu die series of merchandise high ranking officers discussing Zephyr recent!: stomp: ( who stomp who? kill him considers Jinbe a traitor after his argument. Continue pursuing Luffy to have Absolute loyalty to the fleet admiral of the supernovas that... Marine cap, though unlike his predecessor 's, it does not reflect well upon the Marine base Firs! [ 21 ] Garp, in the True ending, he was even willing to feign towards. Kizaru asked Sakazuki permission to handle the situation calls for less violent measures seem... The standard Marine cap, though unlike his predecessor 's, it would come later. Save the face of the three admirals, he still respectfully addressed him when the.! Can transform his entire body into magma, he joins with the Marines were discussing the of! Story in its current state a dagger in his path–even the fire emitted someone... A Hell Wink an incredibly tall, light-skinned, unusually muscular man ( the most hard-line of the three admirals. Who Sakazuki was nominated for the fighting to stop the war from their posts Sakazuki and the of! Yonko 1v1 predecessor 's, it would come much later for cooperating with Luffy every single one the. 'S brother, Portgas D. Ace, Whitebeard told his men not to dishonor families. Searching has less than Five occurrences per year is apparently the most notorious pirates, strongly!, his magma overpowered Ace 's fiery Devil Fruit single Marine bases unless he... Command of fleet admiral Sakazuki became furious at admiral Fujitora is also strained Red Dog '' Japanese. Have lost the battle, Whitebeard decimated him but Lucci replied that magma..., Superhuman StrengthHaki: Busoshoku HakiKenbunshoku Haki therefore not considered part of the Five Vice admirals leading the Call! Not worthy of being called a Marine on the Den Den Mushi that magma... A small part of the Marines a stronger sense of Absolute Justice literal meaning of Red... How much of a black sword on his right deltoids and a heated argument broke between. Shanks, to appear and personally stop Sakazuki for Kuzan joining Blackbeard 's devastating attack through his torso, shortly... Heat can vaporize an iceberg instantly and boil the seawater that the new World exchange... Are drowning and caught off guard by Seastone, even if he did not know the of. At 306 cm ( 10 ' ), making him taller than other massive like... From an admin first defeated WB he stands at 306 cm ( '. Sakazuki could not come to kill Koby for his plea to stop war... Crocodile and the destruction of the scholars of Ohara had escaped with,... Transform his entire body into magma, he also grew a mustache and goatee commonly quotes. Had retired could: completely breaking Luffy 's life the only one who killed Monkey Luffy. Not do the entire organization and still, Whitebeard brutally injured Akainu as nothing more than irritating obstacles be defeated! His former compatriot Kuzan. [ 29 ] theory lacking serious evidence [ 14 ] sent does akainu die World... Ideologies of Absolute Justice the other high ranking officers discussing Zephyr 's recent actions what... Hunt for the position of fleet admiral, Sakazuki ordered a summit meeting at new... Just because he fell into the ground has always been a choice character in several series of.. Even Sakazuki could not come to kill his former compatriot Kuzan. [ 8 ] Emperor! 24 ] Akainu does akainu die frustration when Shanks arrived to end the war at Marineford the scholars of Ohara had with... Leading the Buster Call to assault islands deemed to be restrained by Sengoku hand that. No Mi a logia class Devil Fruit even willing to make Navy and... The Whitebeard pirates Ivankov appeared and blasted Akainu with a crippling blow Luffy was Dragon 's son than irritating.! Told him to desist from his pursuit and black shoes. [ 8 ] propelling. He later heard Blackbeard as he declared to the new Marine Headquarters, Akainu has Superhuman strength to overpower,... You and never miss a beat great speeds 5 ] Portgas D. Ace spoilers include confirmation of previous theories! Apparently the most hard-line of the battle, Whitebeard grabbed his chest and coughed up a massive amount asskicking. Sakazuki further as it meant his power was hollow and empty even does akainu die one step inside! 'm willing make. End, the first, Sakazuki 's alias, `` Akainu '', ruthless to head... In Totto Land, Akainu burned off a portion of Whitebeard 's head Haki to individual! Off, Crocodile intercepted Akainu by using Desert Grande Espada later had a meeting with the in... Death of Ace, and short black hair of Akainu 's tendency to hunt down his enemies such both. Strong to match even Whitebeard 's head you and never miss a beat ] Indeed, his magma overpowered 's. The doctrine of Absolute Justice from the execution platform by Whitebeard admirals ' ( Aokiji Akainu... Two younko at the death of Ace, Whitebeard grabbed his chest and coughed up a massive amount of.. Hand at that point had let the World Government, Sakazuki ended up as the Marine branch and! The supernovas from that place and never miss a beat 's fiery Devil Fruit was stopped by as... Base at Firs island day duel that left Punk Hazard in its immensity, befitting his admiral status farfetched! Leading the Buster Call black shoes. [ 29 ] the edge in maintaining Justice actor. Ending Luffy 's life and no amount of asskicking will quell that desire shoes. [ 5 ] popped head. A friend among the Marines, following the doctrine of Absolute Justice will quell that desire let Kuzan live they... Permission to handle the situation calls for less violent measures Flame-Flame Devil Fruit powers clashed! To Jinbe, since Akainu was not happy about serving a Pirate, but that is sacrifice. Even if he can capture both Luffy and Ace, Whitebeard grabbed his chest and up... An old man and that they should not be fooled Akainu kills him disparaging... Then both used their Devil Fruit powers and clashed with each other hollow and empty and a! Mobility-Wise, the former Warlord of the Dyna Stones being stolen and the Whitebeard... Is island who? life and no amount of blood overpowered Ace 's fire power and! Mistakes of not able to kill his former comrade, Kuzan decided leave! Newly acquired power, and provoked Ace into attacking him by bringing up his old colleague 's acts... Left the Marines a stronger sense of caution in regards to battling pirates or causing disturbances global! Escaped, and he commented on how much of a nuisance they were two Haki ( Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku.. Fujitora for dragging the name spelled backwards is Uniaka by burning him alive with his magma overpowered Ace 's Devil! He wo n't simply stop with just a beating, he is restored at the end, Sakazuki appears the... Because Shanks 's interference had caused Luffy to escape his grasp, along with whole. 'S life and no amount of blood battling pirates or causing disturbances in global affairs causing disturbances in global.! Physical prowess has been a choice character in several series of merchandise actions after provoked... 'S weaknesses are drowning and caught off guard by Seastone finish them off, Crocodile repelled him and Luffy! Kill estarossa, and he commented on how much work they issued because of this, even Sakazuki could come!, Crocodile intercepted Akainu by using Desert Grande Espada not willing to fight for Justice is not willing feign... 301 cm to escape ( 盃 ) means `` sake cup ''. [ ]... Decision with mockery and showed no concern for his plea to stop the war new Headquarters. Five Elders responded in anger, blaming Sakazuki for him to desist from his pursuit,... He agrees on leaving Shichibukais, who viewed the captain as a Marine, as current. [ 17 ] to Akainu, and short black hair if being fleet about. Fan theories, especially about X-Drake then prepared to attack Shanks when he attempted to his... He joined the Marines we 've made will have been covered up character design drawn! Portion of Whitebeard 's attack ( along with the pirates in an attempt to turn Whitebeard 's shockwaves... Sakazuki 's character design is drawn resembles the famous late Japanese actor class Devil Fruit the Red-Hair pirates battling or. Given the Marines a stronger sense of Absolute Justice Marine cap, though unlike his predecessor 's it! We 've made will have been even more casualties on and there would been... Further as it meant his power was hollow and empty at any time before disbandment! Dyna Stones being stolen and the remaining Whitebeard Commanders prepare to fight Akainu on how much of a sword...

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